Modern balcony ideas for your home


If you’re fortunate enough to have a private outdoor balcony attached to your apartment, you’ll know that it takes careful design and furnishing to create a space that can used all year round. Here are just a few modern balcony ideas that transform this simple appendage into a private oasis and extension of your home.


Make it green

In the UK, balconies are more frequently found in apartments, as opposed to houses. In such cases, bringing some greenery to your balcony will make you feel like you have your very own elevated garden – and encourage a fresher, cleaner, greener way of living. But what plants to choose? 

First of all, ask yourself: what is the weather like on my balcony? Is it south-facing? How much space do I have to play with? This will help you decide on which plants will fare best. For example, if your apartment is on a fairly high level, you may find it windy from time to time. In these cases, take inspiration from plants that thrive in coastal towns. As a general rule, the following flora and fauna would be well suited… 

Herbs: Are able to grow in small containers, different varieties grow well in both sun and shade, and they make for added flair when you’re cooking for guests!

Bulb flowers: Again, bulbs will happily grow in pots and small containers whilst giving you a blast of colour all through the year. We recommend daffodils in Spring, and tulips in Summer. 

Red fruits: Both tomatoes and strawberries will grow happily in pots, on sunnier balconies. To save space, think about planting them in hanging baskets – makes them easier to pick too!

House plants: If your interiors are as much of a green oasis as the exterior – try bringing your beloved houseplants outdoors during the summer months. Many UK houseplants are actually tropical species that enjoy our indoor heat but move them into reasonable warmth outside for a few months and you might just see an unprecedented season of bloom! 

Don’t be afraid to furnish for the seasons

In our opinion, some of the most modern balcony ideas are tailored, and more specifically furnished, for the seasons. And, given the difference between a UK Summer and Winter – this is something we’d definitely recommend. 

Invest in seating and a table that’s suitable for all weathers and accessorize according to the season. In Spring/Summer you may want to maximise space for entertaining, create a place for you to celebrate life with friends and family. In this case, you’ll need ample seating and floor cushions; all lit with tall standing lanterns or hurricane lamps. If your balcony is more of a private space, complement a green oasis with something like a hammock, draped fabrics from above or a comfortable lounger and remember to position it where you can bathe in natural sunlight! 

In Autumn and Winter think of a cosy haven for quiet evenings. Space is at less of a premium so if your balcony is covered, fill it with warm throws, ambient string lights, and something soft underfoot. Space-saving storage heaters, if required, can quickly make an outdoor space accessible in winter, but warm throws, a hot drink and candles make for the more hygge approach. 

Knowing how unpredictable the UK’s weather can be, invest in the appropriate protection for items that are going to remain permanently on your balcony. 

Consider the views

If your home has an exceptional view (as many of the Homes by Lendlease properties do) take this into consideration, ideally before you research modern balcony ideas for your space. Where gets the best perspective? 

It’s a simple thought but tailoring your seating area to a place which maximises the view can be the difference between an exceptional outdoor space and just another balcony. 


Create layers of privacy

Whilst you may not want to entirely block out the outside world, bringing a degree of privacy to your balcony will make it even more useable throughout the year. Morning coffees in your pyjamas, lazy afternoons at the weekend – you don’t want everything to be visible to the outside world.

Creating defined areas on your balcony can help with this. You can create a more private space by adding one of the elements below… 

Privacy screens: Perhaps a retro concept, but effective. These screens now come in a variety of styles – many of which are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. If you’re choosing a material which is light, such as a bamboo divider, be sure to attach them to your home – the added height can help them to catch the wind! 

Planting: Plants like Ivy (faux or real) attached to either trellis or outdoor shades shelters you from the outside world. 

Bespoke furniture: Some garden furniture comes with built in privacy. Hanging chairs, canopy benches – these can often provide enough privacy for those personal moments, without blocking any sunshine or views!

If you own a Lendlease Living apartment, or home, you’re likely to already have access to your own private outdoor place, through either a terrace, balcony, or garden. We know that outside spaces bring an added level of joy and wellbeing to day to day life – now it’s just up to you to curate yours.

Please note: Not all schemes allow items on balconies, please refer to your individual lease and/or estate regulations for further details.