Award Winning

Great news! Lendlease has won the 2020 Gold Award in the latest independent customer satisfaction awards for the eighth year running.

Great quality

‘The great quality, good design, and they have a very eco-friendly design. It's a great development. it doesn't feel like a new build.’

Cambium buyer

Very good

‘In terms of the whole process I found it very good and in terms of the handover and the condition of the flat, I've not had any major issues’

West Grove buyer

Made me feel confident

‘They kept me informed and I like their service. They made me feel confident and comfortable about them. I have already recommended them to my friends.’

West Grove buyer


‘They way they dealt with situations and kept us informed has been brilliant.’

West Grove buyer

Process was good

‘I made a good investment, the process was good and there was nothing for me to worry about.’

West Grove buyer

Extremely satisfied

‘They made me feel good throughout the entire process and I am extremely satisfied.’

Hungate buyer