Places to enjoy within a 30 minute walk

Zone 1 is home to many areas of interest, all within walking distance of Elephant Park. Discover all the places you can visit within a 30-minute walk from West Grove.



Walworth is full of activities and areas of interest. When visiting the area you can expect a quieter part of London with hidden spots to enjoy. Home to Burgess Park, one of the largest parks in South London, you can enjoy a quiet stroll. There are also plenty of bars/restaurants such as The Beehive, Fowlds Café and La Luna.

10-minute walk


Kennington and Oval

With the area being just a hop, skip and a jump from Elephant Park, Kennington is filled with things to do. Take a step back in time by visiting the Imperial War Museum or (like Bermondsey) it’s home to its own distillery – Beafeater Distillery – where you can learn all there is to know about Mother’s Ruin. There are also bars and pubs a plenty with The Tankard, The Duchy Arms and many more to explore.1

6-minute walk



This culturally rich area of London is packed with things to do. Visit the Florence Nightingale Museum, The Hayward Gallery or Lambeth Palace and, of course, the London Dungeon is also on the list of top things to do when visiting the area.

21-minute walk



Visit Maltby Street Market, now one of London’s most popular weekend markets. Favoured by the foodies among us, you can discover all sorts of eateries as well as pop-up bars. There are also plenty of breweries and distilleries to enjoy such as Bermondsey Beer Mile and Jensen’s Gin Distillery. However, if you’re more of a fan of open green spaces, it’s home to lovely parks such as Leathermarket Gardens, the Spa Memorial Gardens and Downing Roads Floating Gardens.

30-minute walk


Elephant Park

West Grove

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Elephant Park

West Grove

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Places to enjoy within a 15-minute cycle

Within 15 minutes of West Grove, Elephant Park, means you’re only 15 minutes away from the start of various cycle routes. Two fairly flat five-mile routes start at Burgess Park, just 1.6 miles from West Grove via the A215 and National Cycle Route 425. To find out how to join these cycling routes from Elephant Park, have a look at our map routes below.

Route 1

Route 1 is a flat 5-mile circuit which takes you from Burgess Park to Vauxhall Bridge. The route takes you past the Imperial War Museum and Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, offering impressive views from the bridge itself. Downstream, you’ll take in the London Eye, while the chimneys of the Battersea Power Station and the MI6 building can be seen upstream.
You’ll head back to Burgess Park via the Oval Cricket Ground and Kennington Park to complete the 5-mile route. Of course, you can start anywhere you please but southwarkcycles.org recommend that you do it anti-clockwise. 

If you’d prefer to circle back to Elephant Park before Vauxhall Bridge, you can do the route clockwise from Burgess Park.

Route 2

Route 2 is an almost flat 5 miler that takes you between the cafes in two of Southwark’s larger parks. Starting in Burgess Park from the Park Life Café, the route takes you east to Southwark on Cycleway 1. You’ll cross the Sustrans bridge over Rotherhithe New Road - it was built after successful lobbying by Southwark Cyclists and Sustrans. Once you’re over the bridge, the next sight to take in is Millwall’s stadium, the New Den.

When you reach Southwark Park, it’s a great place to explore if you have time. If not, head straight past the café and turn left once you’ve passed the playground. On this return leg, look out for St Anne’s, a large old church which is now surrounded by a 60s estate - it’s a surprising sight when you first see it. 

Both routes arrive back at Burgess Park from which it’s only a 10-minute cycle home to West Grove. Find out how to start and finish the route from Elephant Park by following the route map below.
For more info, visit the Southwark Cyclists website where you’ll find route maps and GPX files as well as details for other routes which are easily accessible from West Grove at Elephant Park.

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